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We have created a sacred space, a community based on the principles of love, inclusion, and joy. A place of heart-speaking and heart-listening, where you are free to express your truths and questions. A place to learn, to grow, and experience what it means to be united in heart. Our Council of Love Community has blossomed into a global presence, a network of thousands of people, of which you are an integral part.

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How the COL Community 
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  • Meet people like you. Join our community of light-minded and love-hearted people like you who share your passions, interests, and commitment. People who live near you or across the planet. People who enjoy the same things, care about the same topics, have the same questions about their journey.
  • Inclusion. The Community is exclusively for those interested in personal growth and transformation, and who are deeply interested in creating a world that works for everyone. 
  • Security. Too often social media sites are restrictive, at times downright nasty, invasive of privacy and don’t truly speak to your interests. We take away those distractions and help you focus. The COL Community is a private platform, not indexed by Google or any other search engine.

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  • Find inspiration. Find thought-provoking conversations, and insightful perspectives each and every day. Our Saturday Heart Calls are included.
  • Share stories. Swap stories, experiences, and ideas around our shared mission.
  • Partnership & Community Building. Connect with people interested in mutuality of purpose and in sharing their talents. A key component of building Nova Earth is working in partnership and building communities based on a shared vision.
  • Get answers. Navigate topics that don’t have easy or obvious answers. Chat with people who aren’t afraid to dig deep and are eager to share their experiences on what works and what doesn’t. This is the stuff you can’t find on Google or Facebook.

We’re all looking for solutions – 
this is where you’ll find them. 
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  • Have an impact. Actively contribute to the community we're building online and in real life so that together, we can have a positive transformative impact on the world.
  • Get Invites to Local Events. These events will be organized at the grassroots level by members. Whether it's a potluck, a mini-gathering or a casual meetup, you'll be the first to know what's happening in your area. You’ll be included.
  • Stay Connected. Install our COL Community App on your mobile device. Stay connected with one another across the globe, continuing conversations, learning and keeping track of any upcoming events. The COL Community App is available to members only.

The COL Community is a private online membership system, the exciting innovative gathering place for authentic conversations across the planet and beyond. This new model of personal growth and global transformation reflects our vision for Nova Earth. This is your vehicle for fulfilling your heart’s desire for community.  And we are thrilled to invite you to join with us today and experience what love looks like.

We are waiting to welcome you.
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"Mazel Tov!! On this new venture with the col community! I am truly blessed that I can be part of the new col community!" Lee Degani, Florida

I love this platform and this Community... it's so amazing... that I have to be careful not to stay here all day! Tiziana Paggiolu, Italy

"It feels as if I've drilled a direct passage to my heart now so I felt all the exercises in a much fuller way than I have before." Steve Beckow, British Columbia, Canada

"Your 'easy peasy' tools for achieving and maintaining balance were much appreciated. I really see no choice now but to 'step forward in partnership with the Divine.'"
Hetty Sarjeant, Trinidad 

Exclusive Features for Members Only

  • Conference Calls - Monthly video Heart Calls with channeling & meditations, Q&A and much more. 
  • Cities of Light - Be part of the exciting growth of anchoring these communities. Your future is beckoning. Be ahead of the wave.
  • On-Demand Courses - Free and low-cost Council of Love courses on a wide array of topics.
  • Mobile App -  COL Community has an app for your mobile device so you can stay connected wherever you are. 
  • Podcasts - Access to the Council of Love audio files compiled over the years.
  • Videos - Unique video content not available anywhere else; channels, interviews, and meditations.
  • Private Conversations - Be an integral part of the conversations on healing, relationships, Nova Earth, Spiritual Growth, and more. 
  • Groups - Explore topics that speak to your spirit, such as Cities of Light, Children of the Rainbow, channeling, healing, crystals, etc.

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